Sunday, March 8, 2009

8 March 2009

My alarm goes off at 7 am. Last night was Daylight Savings Time, so I'll be running on four hours sleep. The drive to Presque Isle is always quick on a Sunday morning. 
Last night, Carrie discovered the coyote while posting signs around the trap area. She was only able to post two before the surprise. 
I carry a trap setting bucket stocked with supplies, and a plastic bag full of lures. It's not raining yet, but I decide to grab the umbrella. Getting wet again is not high on my list.
The first two sets are empty, so I continue down the trail to where Carrie left four additional signs, and even her sledge. I check the next two sets, and post two "please keep out" signs. 
It begins to rain again, and although I feel silly, the umbrella goes up. 
The last two sets are empty: one is still set and the other is sprung from last nights coyote. Some trappers take advantage of this, and others avoid it. But Carrie requested that the set be remade, so I begin the task of resetting. I employ some of the old tricks Marshall reminded me of, and all of the new ones he demonstrated just yesterday morning.
The walk back: it's still raining and cold. Fog devours most of the tree line from my view. I hear Red-wing blackbirds far in the distance, each claiming their lek in anticipation of the female flocks to arrive.
Carrie has at least one more collar, maybe two. I don't think it'll be long.

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