Thursday, March 5, 2009

5 March 2009

Yesterday, I presented to the Friends of the Tom Ridge Center Board for our grant application. This is the second time I'd made the presentation, but I was still a little gittery. I received an email from the Director today stating that they wish to continute to support our project with a grant! I am so very happy and excited that Ben and I can continue to focus on this project throughout the summer. By receiving the Friends support, it enables me to take the summer off of my day-job and crawl around in the grass with the ticks at Presque Isle instead. Hooray!Sometimes I think my love for coyotes maybe goes too far, and that my willingness to do yet another film about them may seem redundant to others. However, they are a wonderful vehicle by which to deliver science education to children and adults. And with this being our first truly large project, it doesn't hurt to focus on a topic that I know so well. This will, hopefully, be the first of many film projects we produce for the Big Green Screen Theatre. So, with all my heart, Thanks Friends, and thanks Ann!!!

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  1. Awesome news Tracy and Ben! Get that tick spray out! I look forward to the many wonderful films you two will create. Maybe someday...The Six Mile Eagles!