Tuesday, March 10, 2009

10 March 2009

The Multipurpose Trail is popular with runners, bikers, and in-line skaters. But this morning while driving to the trailhead, I spotted a black blob moving at a quick pace. A turkey! There was a turkey running down the Multipurpose Trail. He stayed on the trail for about a half mile before veering into the woods near the Great Horned Owl nest. Be careful, there--you just might be breakfast!
As I pull up to the trailhead, I spot three more turkeys across the street. Binoculars up. Three males, one noticeably larger than the other two. His beard nearly touches the ground. He fluffs his feathers in a half-display. Spring really is coming.
The trail's sandy portions reveal fresh turkey tracks--they must have come from here and then crossed the street. Strange marks in the sand tell that the tom must have been displaying here as well: his wing feathers left lines in the sand. 
I carry signs and a staple gun because the wind from yesterday tore our signs off of the posts. Fenris is not with me this morning so I move a little faster without his constant investigation. Due to all the rain, all the sets need rescenting--so Carrie did that last night. We hope the upcoming warm temperatures will give us some more luck.
I find all six sets empty, and make the return hike.
On the drive back, four deer cross the road in front of me at Beach 8. Three are about the same size, and the fourth clearly a yearling. I hope for luck tomorrow, and drive home.

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