Friday, March 13, 2009

13 March 2009

I generally regard Friday the 13th as a lucky day; it's Monday the 13th's that I avoid. However as I started down the trail this morning to check our trap line, I received an infuriating phone call. My husband Ben called to tell me there was a coyote attack story on FOX news, and that they had reused my coyote footage that I granted one time use for just a couple of weeks ago for a story on Carrie's research. They didn't even give me credit for the shot. This is clearly violation of copyright--but I'm an independent film company and what can I do? Well, I can write about it, email it to everyone I know, and write letters to the editor.
I have worked so hard to get this project up and running. And up and running is saying the very least, more like holding on by it's fingertips. We have a golden opportunity to shine with this film: with it slated to open in the Big Green Screen Theatre in 2012. Why do people take advantage? Because they can.
I'm so angry that I'm shaking. I refrain from calling the TV station until I calm down so that I don't unleash my Italian Anger on whomever answers the phone. 
The issue that infuriates me about this is that my footage was used in association with a negative story about coyotes. People have ripped the 'big bad wolf' badge off of the wolf, and placed it squarely on the coyote's forehead. A scarlet 'A'. Wildlife is not out to get you. Coyotes don't randomly choose to attack people. Every documented attack on people was because the animal had been hand fed by humans. The bottom line: don't feed wildlife, ever, period.
Wild coyotes are very easily intimidated. I've had a group of three bark at me and hold their ground. All I did was walk towards them and they ran away. 
At least I can try and enjoy the sunshine. Regardless of the low 20s temperatures, the sun beats down warm and bright. I love the morning light, it makes everything golden and beautiful. And at this time of the year, the dry lifeless landscape is brought a shred of hope with the suns rays. I find fresh turkey and coyote tracks again. All traps are empty, I head home in a fury.

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