Wednesday, March 25, 2009

25 March 2009

The usual beaver in Lily Pond is active again this morning as I drive past. A raccoon scuttles across the road, almost waddling. Unlike at our house, the wind is absent here and everything is calm. However, it must have visited the park at some point because the trail's sandy portions are cleared of all recent activity. I am quickly disappointed at the top of the dune, and turn back the way I came.
But there are tracks here. I don't think they were here a moment ago. Maybe the coyote watched me take the short trip up to the top of the dune, and then went on his way. I follow the tracks, and like before they disappear into the grasses. Sand is misleading--but this appears to be a rather large coyote.
The second set is empty. We need more traps out here if we hope to catch anything in our last two weeks. Both my project and Carrie's depend on it.
On my return, the wind makes a quick burst into the pines. A hawk is on the ground--and after seeing my approach, alights on a nearby branch. The ground is not frozen for the first time in over a week, so the only noise I make is by accident.
Rain is coming--which has been to our advantage in the past.

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